0.06a - released

Dear Testers

Ok in this release are coming few new features and some refactoring in game design and code. In a nutshell:

  • Trajectory System added
  • Testing Switchboard added
  • Tutorial get's a new look
  • Camera System refactored, works now more fluent
  • Shoot mechanic change. A shot can now be charged by holding the space key.

Espacially the new shooting mechanic gives more depth to the game. It will be more difficult to find the right speed for the projectile to hit a target. The trajectory system looks not very nice, it is a placeholder visual. The enemy AI will use this functionality to aim proberly.

There was one weared bug, which I am not sure if it is fixed already. Sometimes the projectile was flying through the terrain. It's hard to say if it is fixed. Please leave me a comment, if you still have this issue.

Play it in full screen if you can.

Thank you for testing.

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