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Recent updates

0.06a - released
Dear Testers Ok in this release are coming few new features and some refactoring in game design and code. In a nutshell: Trajectory System added Testing Switchb...
Small fixes in an automatic screenshot system I created. It takes a shot every 30 seconds while developing...
1 file
The camera system was refactored. The camera movement is still not finished and will be polished on a later point. The game became a debug console for the devel...
1 file
0.5a - New Camera System
In this release I updated the camera system. I was not satisfied with the framework I used before, so I decided to use another one. The camera has still not all...
1 file
0.4a.4 - Basic Shooting
Dear all The next feature is implemented. I think it looks really cool. So the new features are: Shooting a standard projectile Target Cross Have fun. Any sugge...
Which one looks best?
Working on shooting appearance...
The Roadmap for the next Weeks. Features will be released in this sequence...